Life Insurance & Income Protection

Life Insurance Income Protection

As part of our service to you we will review your financial life style, based on a customer fact find, to establish the cover you need. We will establish if you have sufficient cover in place and if so, we will seek to reduce the cost of this cover to you. We will recommend changes that will enhance the benefits to your family in the event of your untimely demise. Life Insurance insures you for a specific period of time. If the policy is still in force, it provides a lump sum in the event of death for your dependants or beneficiary.

There are various types of life cover available. A beneficiary could be your wife, husband, partner or children. You must be able to prove that you have insurable interest at the time of taking out the cover. This means that you must be able to show that you would be financially worse off if this person died.

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Life Insurance

Family protection

As life changes through marriage, birth of children, purchase of properties etc. so too does your life insurance requirements. At Capital Financial we believe that it vital that any policies you hold are reviewed regularly to ensure that they continue to meet your requirements or new policies are affected and the old ones cancelled. It is also a good idea to review the policies regularly to see if they can be offered under better financial terms.

Family Protection can be set up to give your loved ones money to pay your last expenses, including tax and burial costs. It can help to replace your income, helping to maintain your families’ standard of living. The funds can be used to ensure that your children go to college. The funds can also provide supplemental retirement income for your spouse or partner.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection is a type of Life cover that reduces in line with your mortgage and provides protection to clear the balance of the debt. When you are taking out a mortgage you will have to effect a mortgage protection policy that matches the amount borrowed over the term borrowed to satisfy your lender. The premium will be a fixed amount per month and is usually paid by Direct Direct.

Capital Financial are experts in analysing customer’s life insurance requirements for all your Family & Mortgage Protection needs. We have relationships with all the Life insurance companies who provide Life cover in Ireland, therefore we can offer the best Life Insurance & Mortgage Protection solution at the best price on the market.

There are many additional benefits that can be taken with a life insurance policy as follows:

Specified Serious Illness

Specified Serious illness cover pays a lump sum for a specific list of illnesses including stroke, heart attack and cancer. These policies are constantly being upgraded by the Life companies as medical technology advances. With these advances we are all living longer lives but if you have a chronic illness you may not be able to return to work and these policies can provide invaluable protection to your family during a time of illness. The team at Capital Financial can review your requirements to make sure you are getting the best value for money and that it matches your needs and objectives.

The policies can be taken out on their own or a part of a Family Protection policy. The Serious Illness benefit can either be ‘standalone’, which means it pays out on diagnosis of the illness and again on death, or it can be accelerated, which means it pays out on diagnosis and cover is reduced by this amount on death.

Conversion options

Life Insurance policies can be taken out with a convertible option included. This will allow you to review your policy in years to come and be accepted at ordinary rates, even if you have an illness. No additional medical information will be sought from you and cover will be automatically accepted.

Income on death

This offers your family an income on death for a specified term. It can be cheaper than a lump sum payment but can offer adequate cover for some customers. You can choose between a lump sum or a monthly income or a combination of both depending on your personal situation.

Income Protection/Permanent Health Insurance

Income protection replaces your income in the event of you not being able to work due to illness or injury after a certain period of time.

It provides a regular monthly income by replacing a maximum of 75% of your income, less any disability payments you receive from the State. You will receive the payment until you return to work.

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